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History of Chiropractic

There are many upper cervical technic. Kokoro Chiropractic office use "Blair Upper Cervical Technic" to treat patients.

Funder of Chiropractic


   D.D. Palmer (1845-1913) was the founder of chiropractic and he discovered chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1895.  


   The core of Chiropractic is based on Universal Intelligence and Innate Intelligence.  Universal Intelligence is how Nature works, while Innate Intelligence is the natural ability that resides in every living being.  


   D.D. Palmer established the theory that the underlying cause for obstruction of the body’s ability to heal itself is misalignment of the bones in the body (known as subluxation), mainly in the spine.  By adjusting the vertebrae and removing the subluxation, it allows the body to recover its ability to heal itself and get back to its healthy state.  

Developer of Chiropractic  


  B. J. Palmer (1882-1961) was D.D. Palmer’s son and the developer of chiropractic.  


   After 16 years of clinical research, B. J. Palmer was convinced that upper cervical (upper neck) spine was the key to health.  He believed that there is only one major subluxation in the body and it is almost always found in the upper cervical region, mainly the top bone -- Atlas (C1).  


   For the remainder of his life, he focused on upper cervical chiropractic and developed Upper Cervical Specific Technique, also known as “Hole-In-One” (H. I. O.).  B. J. Palmer dedicated himself to upper cervical chiropractic for the remainder of his life.

Funder of Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic

   Dr. William G. Blair went to Palmer School of Chiropractic and was trained in the Palmer H.I.O. Specific Technique.  


   After he graduated from chiropractic school, he studied on real bone specimen, radiography, and spinography to understand theoretical, structural and mechanical relationships of the spine.

 After extensive resarch, he concluded that anatomical ASSYMETRY is the normHe came up with the "Blair Principle of Occipital-Alanto Misalignment” and developed a new type of adjustment.  


   Dr. Blair’s lifelong work is eventually known as “Blair chiropractic technique,” and it is also the foundation of the chiropractic technique that we use at Kokoro Chiropractic office.

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